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Monday at the Cinema - Girl with a Suitcase



Monday at the Cinema - Girl with a Suitcase

A movie by Valerio Zurlini. Starring Claudia Cardinale, Jacques Perrin

Lorenzo, who's 16 and born to a wealthy family in Parma, tries to make things right toward a showgirl, Aida, whom his older brother has mistreated. In extending kindness and standing up for her, he comes of age. But, is there anything he can do that will alter Aida's situation or her prospects?"Erano due personaggi stranamente assortiti, appartenenti a mondi differenti, due solitari che esprimono nel loro incontro la volontà di aiutarsi reciprocamente."(Valerio Zurlini)The course of this oddly mismatched romance, this innocent attraction between a girl of tawdry background and experience and a well-bred, virginal, lonely boy, is the heart-throbbing body of the drama and the delicate area in which Zurlini accomplishes the most perceptive and brilliant realizations of his theme.


Date: Monday, April 18, 2016

Entrance : Free