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Writing Down the Rising. James Stephens and "The Insurrection in Dublin"



Writing Down the Rising. James Stephens and

Launch of the First Italian Translation

Enrico Terrinoni, translator, and Riccardo Michelucci, editor, will present the book along with the philosopher Giulio Giorello. Screening of a documentary (10’) on the GPO by Concetto La Malfa. Special participation of Muriel McAuley, Cumann Gaolta 1916.“James Stephens has the most vivid senses of any Irishman now writing. He kept a journal day by day, writing down what he saw with those keen eyes of his” George Russell James Stephens was an early 20th century Irish poet and writer. The Insurrection in Dublin tells the effects of the 1916 Easter Rising on the average person in Dublin. The author recounts walking to a corner one morning and seeing the crowd of people looking in one direction: Sinn Fein had taken over parts of the city. The book is not political: it contains the observations of one man during the uprising. The first reaction, Stephens notes, is one of shock and anger. As the days pass people begin to smile with pride at the work of their countrymen.Giulio Giorello is an Italian philosopher, mathematician, and epistemologist. He graduated with a degree in philosophy in 1968 and in mathematics in 1971 at the University of Milan. While there he studied under the philosopher Ludovico Geymonat. He researches the relationships between science, ethics and politics. He is currently a professor of philosophy of science at the University of Milan, and President of SILFS. Riccardo Michelucci is a journalist and writer. He's a regular contributor to the daily newspaper Avvenire where he covers such issues as culture, history and civil rights with a particular interest for Ireland and Eastern Europe. He's worked - and still works - for Radio Rai 3 and the magazines of the Espresso group. He wrote Storia del conflitto angloirlandese (Odoya, 2009), L'eredità di Antigone (Odoya, 2013). He edited James Stephens The Insurrection in Dublin (Menthalia, 2015) and translated Brendan Behan's New York (66thAnd2nd, 2016). Enrico Terrinoni is Associate Professor of English Literature at the University for Foreigners, Perugia. He holds a PhD in Anglo-Irish literature from UCD. His translation of Ulysses (2012, in collaboration with Carlo Bigazzi) was the object of over 100 reviews in less than a year. He is currently working on translating Finnegans’ Wake with Fabio Pedone.


Date: Monday, April 25, 2016

Entrance : Free