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Culture Night



Culture Night

On Culture Night, arts and cultural organisations and venues of all shapes and sizes, including the National Cultural Institutions, extend their opening hours to allow access to the public.

This year the Institute is pleased to present a series of animated short films, in collaboration with the associations OTTOmani and WCOMIX, promoting the diffusion of animation and the language of comics. This selection of Italian animation includes shorts by several talented artists, showing a high standard quality and energy in production, mostly independent, whose creative vision is truly exceptional.

The Italian contemporary animated short film collection Animazioni is in many ways “an attempt to connect places scattered on a geographical space, a peninsula South of the Alps where we happen to spend our precious time, trying to figure out what can be achieved. The result is this fascinating anthology” (Andrea Martignoni, Bologna, November 2010).

“Italian animation established itself in the international map, a remarkable outcome, given the present economic climate and the political background. Personal interests often overlap artistic and visual language: photography, illustration as well as performing arts, such as drama and dance. Results are utterly innovative” (Paola Bistrot, Pordenone May 2012)



Muto, 7:26, 2008;
Fino, 2:29, 2006;

Igor Imhoff
Percorso#0008-0209, 5:35, 2009;

Ignazio Morello
Marco, 5:13, 2005;

Saul Saguatti, Audrey Coïaniz
Transit-city#02, Roma Astratta, 7:42, 2008

Animazioni 2

Sergio Basso, Lorenzo Latrofa
Giallo a Milano, 6:51, 2009

Michele Bernardi
Djuma, 3:50, 2012;

Roberto Catani
La funambola, 6:00, 2002;

Igor Imhoff
Percorso#0009-0410, 4:28, 2010;

Giovanni Munari, Dalila Rovazzani
Arithmétique, 4:00, 2010

Alessia Travaglini
Silenziosa-Mente, 5:00, 2011;

Animazioni 3

Igor Imhoff
Kurgan, 5:35, 2009;

V.Musci, F.Forti, N.Abate
Dove ti nascondi, 5:57, 2013

Rino Stefano Tagliaferro
Beauty, 9:49, 2014

Animazioni 4

Francesco Aber, Alessandro Mattei
The age of Rust, 7:17, 2014

Michele Bernardi
For Pina, 4:55, 2015

Magda Guidi,
Dalila, 5:20, 2015

Virginia Mori,
Haircut, 8:08, 2015

Dario Imbrogno, Salvatore Murgia
Otto, 1:56, 2015

Martina Scarpelli
Cosmoetico, 4:46, 2015

Francesco Vecchi
La Fleche Delta, 8:55, 2014


Date: Friday, September 16, 2016

Time: From 6:30 pm To 9:00 pm

Organized by : Italian Institute of Culture

In collaboration with : Culture Night

Entrance : Free


Italian Institute of Culture