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Di Concetta e le sue donne - theatrical performance



Di Concetta e le sue donne - theatrical performance


from a novel by Maria Attanasio – Sellerio Editore

adapted and directed by
Nicoleugenia Prezzavento

Rita Salonia e Nicoletta Fiorina

music and live scoring
Nicoletta Fiorina


Fabio Navarra

a theatrical production by Naveargo

Organised by Trinity College Dublin, SLLCS, Department of Italian



A tale of passions, both public and private; of personal and collective memory, of love and loss. A glimpse on the second half of the 20th century through the lens of individual emotions. A tale where music becomes poetic voice, quickening and momentum of the narrative.

The true story of Concetta La Ferla, indomitable and passionate activist; of her fights for women's empowerment in Sicily, and for the establishment – in her hometown of Caltagirone - of the first women-only section of the PCI (Italian Communist Party) in Italy. The story of her passions and her unquenchable thirst for social justice and freedom; of the never-ending struggle between politics as a noble calling and the not-so-noble calling of too many professional politicians.


"When my father made me - in 1930 - I'm sure that night he was thinking about the Red Flag. And so I was born." Poetic, tumultuous and polyphonic, the tale of the interminable fight for the establishment of a women's section of the PCI in Caltagirone has the pace of a popular theatre piece although it talks about real-life events. Concetta La Ferla - the "proto-feminist", die-hard communist and agitator who, for over three decades, was the undisputed leader of a local women's liberation movement in Sicily - is both the protagonist and narrator whose voice, much like an ancient storyteller's, is capable of infusing events with the same mythological and allegorical power they had for those who lived them. The war. The social unrest. The struggle against poverty; the longing for justice and freedom but also unapologetic dreams.

Dreams of happiness. And revolution.


Born in 1943 in Caltagirone (Sicily), where she still lives, Maria Attanasio is regarded as one of the greatest Italian living poets. She is also an author of fine, award-winning novels such as “Correva l’anno 1698 e nella Città avvenne il fatto memorabile” ("It was the year was 1698, and in the city a memorable event occurred" - Sellerio, 1994 – Pirandello and Elsa Morante Prize) and "Il falsario di Caltagirone" ("The forger from Caltagirone" - Sellerio, 2007 – Premio Vittorini). Her poetry and fiction is featured in national and international journals and anthologies, and has been translated into English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Japanese.


A graduate in performing arts at the University of Bologna and artistic director of Nave Argo since its foundation, Nicoleugenia Prezzavento has directed many of the company's productions, both children's theatre and contemporary drama. She is also a translator, editor and editorial consultant.


Born in Ragusa (Sicily), trained at the "Giusto Monaco" school of ancient and classical drama in Syracuse, and later attending workshops with Eugenio Barba, Giovanna Marini, Danio Manfredini, Rita Salonia is a theatre, film and television actress.

A versatile musician and multi-instrumentalist of Sardinian origins, Nicoletta Fiorina has long embarked on a path of artistic research that led her to revisit the classics of Sicilian folk tradition, from Ignazio Buttitta to Rosa Ballistreri.


Date: Friday, September 30, 2016

Time: At 7:00 pm

Admission : Free


Swift Theatre, Arts Building, Trinity College