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Invitation to book launch



Invitation to book launch

You are invited to the launch of these three books by Umberto Eco (1st anniversary of his death on 19th February), Primo Levi and Alberto Moravia (translated from Italian to Gaeilge by Matt Hussey) and published by Coiscéim.

Prof Alan Titley will do the honours.


Event in Irish.


Déanfaidh an tOllamh Alan Titley an trí leabhar seo thíos, nua fhoilsithe ag Coiscéim, a lainseáil:

AN TÁBLA PEIRIADACH (Aistriúchán ar Il sistema periodico le Primo Levi)

AN GRÁ PÓSTA (Aistriúchán ar L’amore coniugale, le hAlberto Moravia)

LUASCADÁN FOUCAULT (Aistriúchán ar Il pendolo di Foucault le hUmberto Eco)

(aistrithe i nGaeilge ag Matt Hussey)






Date: Monday, February 20, 2017

Time: At 4:30 pm

Entrance : Free


Istituto Italiano di Cultura