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The lullaby of the tomb looters - with Jacopo Tabolli



The lullaby of the tomb looters - with Jacopo Tabolli

The lullaby of the tomb looters - With Jacopo Tabolli (TCD)

In English

Leaving the excavation after a long and hard day of work, getting some rest at night and being back early in the morning results dramatically in discovering that tomb looters have ‘visited’ your site. It is always true: “excavation is destruction”, but there is a big
difference in who is digging. This lecture presents the complex and fascinating conflict over the past four years between an archaeologist and a tomb looter, their different perceptions of the antiquities, of the landscape and especially of the collective memory.

Jacopo Tabolli studied Etruscology at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. He has been working especially on the archaeology of Etruria and the Ager Faliscus. Editor of Officina Etruscologia, former Director of MAVNA museum, he is currently holding a two-year
(2016-2018) Postdoctoral Fellowship funded by the Irish Research Council at the Department of Classics of Trinity College Dublin.     He is also Research Associate in Etruscan and Pre-Roman Archaeology at Sapienza and Honorary Visiting Fellow at University of Cyprus. He excavates in Italy, at Narce and Veii, and in Cyprus at Palaepafos.

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Date: Friday, March 31, 2017

Time: From 6:30 pm To 9:00 pm

Organised by : IIC

Admission : Free