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Incontri con la scienza - Massimo Ammaniti. La famiglia adolescente



Incontri con la scienza - Massimo Ammaniti. La famiglia adolescente

***Event in Italian***


Massimo Ammaniti, one of the most well-known Italian developmental psychoanalysts, was born in Rome in 1941.

Graduated in medicine, trained in Child Psychiatry at La Sapienza University of Rome, Honorary Professor of Developmental Psychopathology and Previous Chairman of the Infant and Adolescent Clinical Psychology Faculty at La Sapienza University, he is the author of more than two hundred scientific publications, including the book "The Birth of Intersubjectivity". Twenty of his books were translated in France and USA (e.g. Nascita del sé, Nel nome del figlio, Crescere con i figli, Le nuove regole dell’educazione ). Member of the International Psychoanalytical Association and previous Member of the Board of Directors of the World Association of Infant Mental Health.

Professor Massimo Ammaniti's lecture at the Institute will deepen the actual relationship between teenagers and parents in the family. His research has been mainly focused on the relationship between parents and children during childhood and adolescence.


Date: Friday, April 21, 2017

Time: At 6:30 pm

Organized by : Italian Institute of Culture

Entrance : Free


Istituto Italiano di Cultura