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Daniele Benati reads Raffaello Baldini



Daniele Benati reads Raffaello Baldini

Daniele Benati reads Raffaello Baldini - Event in italian

Daniele Benati is a writer and translator. He has taught in various Irish and American universities and translated works of Flann O’Brien, Tony Cafferky, Seumas O’Kelly, James Joyce and  Ring Lardner.

Baldini’s texts have the wonderful simplicity of fairy tales. It is for this reason that they can be read again and again without becoming tiresome. In the entire civilized western world, simplicity is usually considered as something inferior. Baldini is one of the few who makes us realise that semplicity is the highest conquest of words. But he achieves it through an unbelievably pliable, modulated, and complex prosody, which revolves around a few fundamental sounds, like in modern music. His dialect is a resevoir of these fundamental sounds of emotion.” GIANNI CELATI



Date: Thursday, October 05, 2017

Organized by : IIC

Entrance : Free