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Reading Dante at the IIC



Reading Dante at the IIC

Several times throughout the Commedia Dante addresses the lettore with the belief that he will be read by the futura gente – ourselves, and this we shall do with Corinna Salvadori Lonergan and Daragh O’Connell. We shall continue with the second half and the conclusion of Purgatorio. The 10 readings of Paradiso will start in Autumn. It was not intended, but the total number of readings will be 33, very Dantean.

The encounters will take place in the Pavilion at the Italian Institute of Culture on Tuesdays at 6.30pm, ending about 8.00. The explanation will be in English and the reading of the text in Italian. We look forward to welcoming all who want to enjoy the wonder of the Commedia, readers old and new, without worries about your knowledge of the language. Dante will improve it.

Programme of readings:

The readings of Purgatorio will resume on Tuesday May 29th, and the cantica will be concluded by Tuesday June 25th.
All readings will begin at 6.30pm.
The readers will be Corinna Salvadori Lonergan and, for the third session, Daragh O’Connell.

29th MayPurgatorio: Central canti of the Commedia: free will, love, Adriano V (XVI-XIX)
5th JunePurgatorio: The Avaricious and Prodigal, Statius and Virgil (XX-XXII)
12th JunePurgatorio: Friendship, Poetry and Poets (XXIII-XXVI)
19th JunePurgatorio: Dante’s dream, Earthly Paradise, Matelda, river Lethe (XXVII-XXIX)
25th JunePurgatorio: Beatrice, Dante’s rebuke, his mission, pageant, le stelle (XXX to XXXIII)


Date: Da Tuesday, May 29, 2018 a Monday, June 25, 2018

Time: From 6:30 pm To 8:00 pm

Admission : Free