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Reading Dante at the IIC 2019 - Paradiso



Reading Dante at the IIC 2019 - Paradiso

The Italian Institute of Culture is delighted to announce the new season of the series “Reading Dante at the IIC”.

Several times throughout the Commedia Dante addresses the lettore with the belief that he will be read by the futura gente – ourselves – and this we have done together through Inferno, Purgatorio and the first half of Paradiso. We shall continue with Prof. Corinna Salvadori Lonergan and read the conclusion of the journey, Paradiso (canti 18 to 33). Although Dante is ‘transhumanized’, his heavenly experience is shared with us in the context of our human condition, on our earth, so small in the cosmos, and tragically ‘l’aiuola che ci fa tanto feroci’, ‘the threshing-floor, whereon fierce deeds are done’ (D.L.Sayers).

The last five readings of the cycle will begin on 19 February and end on 30 April. By then our readings will be 33, very Dantean.

We shall follow the established pattern: explanations in English, reading of the text in Italian; there will be power-point of the text in both languages. We look forward to welcoming all who want to enjoy the wonder of the Commedia, readers old and new, without worries about knowledge of the language. Dante will improve it.

The encounters will take place in the Pavilion at the Italian Institute of Culture on Tuesdays at 6.30pm.

Calendar of readings

Tuesday 19 February - Paradiso: (XVIII-XX) 6TH Heaven, Jupiter, Justice, the Eagle, just rulers, virtuous heathens.

Tuesday 12 March - Paradiso: (XXI-XXIII) 7th Heaven, Saturn, Contemplatives, Peter Damian, Benedict, corruption of the monastic orders; 8th Heaven, Gemini. Triumph of Christ.

Tuesday 2 April - Paradiso: (XXIV-XXVI) Dante is examined in the three theological virtues, faith, hope and love by Peter, James and John respectively; affirmation of the written word and Dante’s poetic stature.

Tuesday 16 April - Paradiso: (XXVII-XXX) St Peter condemns the unworthy occupants of the Papal see; ascent to 9th Heaven, Beatrice’s last words in the Commedia condemn greed, the ‘cieca cupidigia’ that bewitches us.

Tuesday 30 April - Paradiso: (XXXI-XXXIII) 10th Heaven, Empyrean, Dante’s farewell to Beatrice; his ‘homecoming’ is with a new guide, St Bernard of Clairvaux, who prays to Mary to enable the pilgrim’s vision of God, wherein lies the fulfilment of all our desires. The final canto is Dante’s poetic triumph.


Date: Da Tuesday, February 19, 2019 a Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Time: From 6:30 pm To 8:00 pm

Organised by : IIC

Admission : Free