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Maps, Borders and Territories



Maps, Borders and Territories


What is there in (and beyond) a map? What do we talk about when we talk of borders? How do we define territories?

Google maps and maps of wonderlands. Cartography and strategies of war. Mapping ideologies and pandemics, continents, countries and counties, languages and races. Never ending fights over borders and identities. Maps of perceptions and of ideologies. Few things change as fast as maps. How do maps change us?

Maps, Borders and Territories is a project organized in cooperation with IIC London and Edinburgh

A series of 11 encounters, conversations, interviews, and lectures with journalists, writers, philosophers, scientists, and scholars who will present different approaches to how maps, borders and territories have become such distinctive and controversial aspects of our culture.

All the events will be held online via Zoom or Webex. Participation is free of charge.

Please note that advanced registration is required to join Zoom events.


Programme of events:

5.11.2020 (7pm GMT)

Jo Burns, Catherine Dunne -“Hard Borders”: what’s in a poem?

Introducing Maps, Borders and Territories, with the participation of IIC Dublin, IIC London and IIC Edinburgh.

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12.11.2020 (7pm GMT)

Book launch of Gabriele Proglio, Bucare il confine. Storie dalla frontiera di Ventimiglia (Mondadori, 2020).

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18.11.2020 (7pm GMT)

Le geografie di Franco Farinelli: istruzioni per l’uso. Franco Farinelli in conversation with Vittorio Giacopini (in Italian)

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26.11.2020 (7:30pm GMT)

Frontaliers and protection of the Italian language in Switzerland. Gabriele Paleari and Sergio Savoia in conversation.

**This event will be in Italian**

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10.12.2020 (7pm GMT)

Fulvio Tomizza and geo-linguistic borders. Marianna Deganutti and Sandra Parmegiani in conversation.

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Password: Borderland2020


07.01.2021 (7pm GMT)

Juliet Fall, Giada Peterle - Envisioning borders: thinking across border spaces with and through comics.

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21.01.2021 (7pm GMT)

Alessandro Scafi - Maps of Paradise: A Visual History of Heaven on Earth.

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28.01.2021 (7pm GMT)

Tiziana Francesca Vaccaro - Sindrome Italia: immagini, voci, esperienze dal mondo nascosto dell’immigrazione nell’Italia odierna (in Italian).

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11.02.2021 (7pm GMT)

Andrea Moro – On mapping languages and fighting racisms.

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18.02.2021 (7pm GMT)

Igiaba Scego - Stories between, across and without borders: La linea del colore.

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25.02.2021 (5pm GMT)

Andrea Borghini in conversation with Achille Varzi - On drawing lines, making cuts, and other (culinary) philosophical adventures.

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Date: Da Thursday, November 05, 2020 a Thursday, February 18, 2021

Time: From 7:00 pm To 8:00 pm

Admission : Free