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CULTURE NIGHT 2023 - H17:00-20:30 - Screening of 9 Italian short movies - in collaboration with Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio



CULTURE NIGHT 2023 - H17:00-20:30 - Screening of 9 Italian short movies - in collaboration with Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio

Nine short films selected by Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio from the most particular and representative works made in Italy during 2021-2022.

The short films will be screened in loop from 17:00 to 20:30, in Italian with English subtitles.



- LA CONFESSIONE (2022) by Giuseppe D’Angella and Simone D’Alessandro – 15′

In a small provincial town, the balance of a community is violated by a traumatic event. Don Oreste is about to become bishop and leave his legacy to Don Luca, a young priest born and raised in the same place. The two priests will find themselves involved in the matter and will spend a whole day in turmoil, poised between decisions that, in one way or another, will irreversibly affect their future.

- GRAZIANO E LA GIRAFFA (2022) by Fabio Orlando and Tommaso Zerbi – 7′

A sausage-hungry man buys a microwave oven that will drag him into the wild.

- EIGHT STEPS (2022) by Anna Seviroli – 12′

Eight Steps tells the story of Nageth and his mother Amira and of their journey throughout precarious hope. In the middle of this adventure they will face the most dangerous obstacle: prejudice, which will put them in front of a great misunderstanding.

- MAMME VOLANTI (2022) by Giulio Tonincelli and Paolo Fossati – 15′

In one of the richest, wealthiest, and most polluted areas of Italy, a group of courageous and obstinate women fight to save their territory and their children, revealing a new perspective to look at the world. The community calls them "Flying Moms".

- SPIAGGIA LIBERA (2022) by Ludovica Francesca Zedda – 16′

On a deserted beach, between the sound of the waves and the sunlight, Roberto and Matilde, father and daughter, spend together an apparently quiet summer day: he is a dreamer, an intellectual who lives constantly in his past memories; she is a grumpy and rebellious young girl, who is going through that strange transition from childhood to adolescence. Behind the memories of one and the silences of the other, lies the fear of addressing a critical topic. "Spiaggia Libera" tells of a generational confrontation, of an ended love and of a broken balance that the two characters are forced to overcome.

- PIZZA PANIC (2022) by Leonardo Malaguti – 15′

For ten years Guido has been receiving pizza deliveries every day but he has never ordered them. Exasperated, he goes hunting for the person responsible: what seems like a simple investigation becomes an obsession that threatens to drive him mad.

- NICA (2022) by Giuditta Vasile – 8′

A normal awakening in an empty house but full of toys. A little girl and a father. Their last morning together. A sudden goodbye. An abandonment lived without any sadness but rather as another game, another hide-and-seek where you can learn to find yourself.

- NETTUNO (2022) by Giulio Gobbetti – 11′

Nettuno is an intimate portrait of Alessandra, the youngest of a family of Italian hoteliers. She grew up at Hotel Nettuno, owned by her family for four generations. Today the hotel business occupies her whole life: she lives and works in the hotel, with only a handful of days off per year. Day after day, while repeating her tasks almost as a ritual, Alessandra recalls her past and dreams of the future.

- TRAVEL NOTEBOOKS: CAIRO, EGYPT (2022) by Silvia De Gennaro – 7′

Dust, horns, muezzin songs. Dilapidated houses, princely palaces. Gold, marble, inlaid woods, minarets, silver domes, the mystery of the pyramids, the hypnosis of geometry. A city that rotates, men that whirl. In ecstasy. The silence of the Mosques. The peace of the Nile.


Room: Aula -1 (direct access to basement area from 11 Fitzwilliam Sq E entrance)


IIC participates to Culture Night as part of the EUNIC cluster Dublin and adheres to the European Culture Trail initiative. For those visiting European Culture Trail events in person, you can take your “European Culture Trail Passport” (copies available at the IIC) and collect stamps or signatures at each stop. Those passports with the most stamps at the end of the night will be entered into a raffle for the chance to win some wonderful prizes.


Date: Friday, September 22, 2023

Time: From 5:00 pm To 8:30 pm

In collaboration with : Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio

Admission : Free


Istituto Italiano Di Cultura - Dublino