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Online summer courses 2020


Online summer courses 2020


The Italian Institute is delighted to introduce online summer courses for all levels, easily accessible from the comfort of your home! This shorter summer term, running from July 20th to August 31st, is ideal to focus on conversation skills, which will provide absolute beginners with solid language basics that make a real difference and will boost the fluency and confidence of more advanced learners. Whatever your knowledge of Italian, you can choose from a wide variety of topics to learn and practice the language with a fun, interesting and engaging approach.

All our teachers are Italian graduates with extensive experience and special qualifications in the teaching of Italian as a foreign language.


€120 per course
Please enrol online on our website between Tuesday, July 7th and Wednesday, July 15th. Payments cannot be processed by phone.

The enrolment will be considered confirmed once the registration form has been duly filled and the fee has been paid. Please note that your place is not secured until you receive notification that the payment has been processed.


Courses are held on a weekly basis. Each course consists of 6 lessons / 9 hours (90 minutes per lesson). A timetable is available in the brochure on the top right-hand corner of this page.

Classes will have a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 12 students each. Please note that the minimum required number of subscriptions must be reached in order for each course to be confirmed.

Primi passi: an introduction to Italian - Level 0
Friday 10.30
When you don’t know a foreign language, getting to learn the basics is the most important step and it will make a huge difference in your ability to interact when confronted with the language. This course is addressed to people with no previous knowledge of Italian, who would like to gain some ability in speaking and understanding the language. You will learn how to greet people and introduce yourself, order and talk about the food you like, ask for directions, talk about your holidays...

Refreshers courses - Various levels
Beginners: Monday 10.30
Pre-intermediate: Tuesday 10.30
Intermediate: Tuesday 10.30
Upper Intermediate: Wednesday 18.30

Those courses are a great opportunity to revise and strengthen the skills you’ve been learning during your language classes. Each macro-level is covered by our refreshers courses, in order to grant each student a fruitful experience that will ensure they can own the competences acquired thus far. You will have the chance to clear any lingering doubt about grammar, widen your vocabulary and most importantly practicing your listening and conversation skills with fun activities and people who share your passion for Italian!

L'italiano con la musica - Various levels
Beginners: Tuesday 18:30
Intermediate: Monday 10.30
Advanced: Tuesday 10.30

Revision of all levels through the fascinating world of famous Italian songs and the most iconic songwriters. Listening and activities linked to the most interesting and enjoyable songs, will guide the students through practice of their existing language skills and the acquisition of new vocabulary, idioms, and most of all confidence!

Parliamo italiano: pronunciation course - Level A2/B1/B2
Wednesday 10.30

This course provides a rare opportunity to work on one of the aspects of language learning that is too often overlooked: pronunciation! By leading students to understand phonetic rules and put them into practice with language games and practical activities, this course promises great improvement in spoken production and listening comprehension. To an initial focus on recognizing and producing individual sounds, will follow specific work on rhythm, accent and intonation.

Learn Italian with wine and food - Level B1/B2
Thursday 18.30

This course will allow intermediate learners to practice their skills by sharing their love for Italian cuisine. Through a wide variety of texts, pictures, activities and news delving into the delicacies of the Italian culinary tradition, this course will empower students to understand an important aspect of Italian culture and improve their ability to talk about it in a fluent and competent manner.

L'italiano con la geografia - Level B2/C1
Tuesday 10.30

Italy is a peninsula full of beautiful landscapes, historical buildings, archaeological sites and artistic heritage. If your level of Italian is at least upper intermediate, this is the perfect opportunity to strengthen your language skills while exploring Italy and the places where iconic characters throughout the centuries have been born or spent their lives. Grammatical revision and the acquisition of new vocabulary will be seamlessly integrated in this unmissable journey through Italy.

Parliamo di cinema - Level B2/C1/C2
Monday 18.30

Let’s talk about cinema and all those unforgettable Italian movies that throughout the times have made us think, talk and sometimes fall in love. Each class will start from a different movie that will serve as inspiration to draw conclusions or kickstart discussions about Italian society as a broader topic. In the first part you will be shown extracts from the movies, while in the second part you will be expertly guided to share your ideas in a competent manner, through a constructive series of activities aimed at improving your communication skills in Italian. This class is suitable for students with at least an upper intermediate level of Italian.

Un viaggio nel Sud Italia - Level C1
Tuesday 18.30

This course, addressed to advanced learners, will guide them through some of the most amazing places in Southern Italy. By delving into the history of the places, as well as the personal stories and recollections that the students might want to share about them, this course provides the perfect opportunity to improve those conversation skills essential to fluently conduct the type of friendly, informal, relaxing chats that all of us wish to have. Amongst the places that this course wishes to uncover, expect the beauties of Naples and its subterranean treasures, Sicily and its temples, the famous stones in Matera, the trulli in Alberobello and much much more!

L'arte italiana - Level C1/C2
Wednesday 18.30

Italy represents many things, and people love it for different reasons. If you are fascinated with Italian art, this is an unmissable opportunity to learn more about it, all while improving your knowledge of the Italian language! This course will give advances learners the chance to share their own knowledge of Italian art and personal experiences of visiting important sites. Your teacher will guide conversations and lead you to the discovery of the cultural heritage in Venice, Florence, Rome, as well as the work of renowned artists such Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

Lo sport italiano e i suoi campioni - Level C1/C2
Tuesday 18.30

This course, addressed to advanced learners of Italian, traces the history of Italian sport and the iconic champions that across a vast range of sports left their marks. By analysing relevant texts from the past and the present times, the course will give an opportunity to improve reading comprehension across a variety of writing styles. Talking about your favourite sports both in Italy and Ireland, being either the fun of watching them or the health benefits of practicing them, will become the perfect opportunity to improve your confidence and master the language when having conversations in Italian.

Il salotto letterario - Level C1/C2
Friday 10.30

This course revolves around reading Carlo Lucarelli’s book Misteri d’Italia. This intriguing text proposes a journey through Italian history revolving around factual events which had a strong impact on the population and thus the way the nation’s collective memory has been shaped. The students, required to have an advanced level of Italian, will be expertly guided through pivotal events: the massacre caused by terrorist bombing in Bologna station, Ustica, Pasolini’s, Alceste Campanile’s and Wilma Montesi’s murders, as well as the life of il bandito Giuliano. *This is the only summer online course for which a book is required. Please make sure to get a copy of Misteri d'Italia by Carlo Lucarelli (Einaudi 2002)*.


Classes will be run through Zoom, a free platform you can easily access through any device (computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone) with the following features:

  • internet connection;
  • a screen large enough for you to comfortably read the material;
  • built-in or plugged-in speakers, microphone and webcam.

Zoom is available both on Apple and Android app stores.
Alternatively, you can download Zoom on your computer or laptop from the website

You do not need to register for a Zoom account, but should you decide to register you can select the "free account" option: our teachers are all licensed so you will not need a Pro account to avail of all the features of our online classes.

No textbook is required for these courses; any learning material will be made available by your teacher.


Our language courses are based on the standards of the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. While our standard Italian courses are usually divided in sub-levels, these online summer courses are based on macro-levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) and are designed to help you revise and strengthen existing skills through conversation (with the exception of Primi Passi, a course meant for absolute beginners).

Please select a course at a level that corresponds to your existing knowledge of Italian. If you are unsure, you can determine your own level of proficiency in Italian by working through the descriptors for each of the CEFR language levels, available HERE.* **

* Please note that the Institute is not in a position to offer free assessment tests for the online summer courses.
** Please note that the completion of an online summer course does not grant access to a standard Italian course of the following level.


Please note that the following terms and conditions apply:

  • Cancellations / requests for refunds can only be accepted if made before the beginning of a course. The requests must be made in writing to the Director of the Institute and will be subject to a €50 administrative charge.
  • Fees cannot be transferred from one term to another or from one person to another.
  • Before you register for a class, please make sure that you will be able to attend on the scheduled days and times and that you have access to a suitable device and a stable Internet connection.
  • Late enrolments and class changes will not be allowed.
  • Our courses are strictly reserved for people over 18 years of age.
  • The Institute reserves the right to cancel a course if the adequate number of students is not reached and to alter the timetable where necessary.