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The Italian Cultural Institutes


The Italian Cultural Institutes

Currently active across the major cities of the five continents the ninety Italian Institutes of Culture represents not only an ideal meeting point for intellectual and artistic dialogue, but also an excellent opportunity for Italian and foreign citizens who wish to establish or maintain a relationship with our country.

The Italian Institutes of Culture acts as an image of Italy and as a useful source of information on the Italian system. It is the driving force behind an array of cultural initiatives and cooperation. It is the fundamental reference point for the Italian community abroad and centre of the growing demand for Italian culture around the world.

By supporting the work carried out by the Italian Embassies and Consulates, the Institutes of Italian Culture efficiently promote the image of Italy as a centre of production, conservation and diffusion of culture from the Classical age to nowadays. Besides organizing cultural events in various fields (arts, music, cinema, theatre, dance, fashion, design, photography, literature, publishing), the Italian Institutes of Culture:

  • offer the possibility to get to discover and learn more about Italian language and culture by offering courses, operating libraries and producing educational and editorial material;
  • establish the relationships necessary to promote and integrate Italian artists and cultural institutions in the exchange and production of culture on an international level;
  • provide information and logistical support to public and private Italian and foreign cultural operators;
  • support the initiatives that enhance intercultural dialogue based on the principles of democracy and international solidarity.


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