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Podcasts, videos and interviews


Podcasts, videos and interviews

Podcasts, videos and interviews




The VALUE project, led by the city of Comacchio in collaboration withPo Delta Veneto Regional Park, eneto Region - Direction of Cultural Heritage Cultural Activities and Sport, Emilia-Romagna Region, DELTA 2000 Consortium Company with limited liability, the City of Kaštela, the Town of Cres and the City of KorĨula, defines a new model of development centered on the integration between cultural chain and tourism one in the district form connected between the transboundary area, by strengthening the competitiveness visibility at international level, through action of valorization of the existing heritage, by promoting innovative solutions and developing tourism products and destinations with huge cultural characterization. Started in 2019, as of today it already inaugurated an Open air museum about ancient Spina, created a Permanent Scientific Excellence Center and is putting forward a fully fledged proposal for a a Level II inter-university Master's course (one year, 8 EQF) to be hosted in Ferrara.




The Invention of Italy

Massimo Montanari su RTÈ Lyric Fm

Artusi's Art of Eating Well: podcast here


Piergiorgio Odifreddi su RTE Lyric Fm

Good and bad maths: Italian mathematical philosopher and Joycean, Piergiorgio Odifreddi on why numbers never click for some people

Podcast here

The maths of culture/ the culture of maths: where math meshes with literature and the theories of Gödel mesh with the imaginings of Joyce

Podcast here

Odifreddi live on Radio Dublino here

Articolo dedicato a Dublino di Piergiorgio Odifreddi su La Repubblica here


Dr. Renata Sperandio, Director of the IIC, interviewed on Radio Dublino here

Interview for here: Renata Sperandio: " Il patrimonio culturale italiano ha un valore straordinario"