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Qui, Ora



Qui, Ora

Compagnia Claudia Catarzi

“The work is divided into three parts, dialectically marked by auditorystimuli that dictate the proxemics ad hoc. The extended time, thesilence, the rustle of a grey raincoat - which she slowly puts on – markthe rhythm of the micro scores of the actions: the impromptu brokengestures evoke a metaphysical puppet led by invisible threads to anincreasingly frantic rhythm. It is a wrapping, a conscious limit thatsuggests the desire to break free and reveal itself in its human presence.A continuum of industrial noise accompanies the awareness of the bodythat explores itself in the laws of gravity, in the relationship with theground and eventually surrenders to the notes of The Streets of Laredoby Johnny Cash. The poetry of the ballad add a psychological dimension,contrasting with the initial formalism. Suffering, loneliness, death affectthe feverish movements that maybe already touch on a personalnarrative and then suddenly stop it.The research follows the footsteps of an interior investigation withouttrying to hide behind the technological or conceptual artifices which oftentend to overwhelm the artistic qualities or to replace technicalshortcomings in contemporary productions . The bare stage, the drylanguage focus on the essence of the dance: beautiful quality ofmovement and accuracy in the performance unfold in the 'here-and-nowof spectators.”Giedre BagdziunaiteProject Arts CentreSpace UpstairsTues 26, Wed 27 8pm70 mins approx. (incl. interval)22 € Full price18 € Conc.17€ Early BirdFor bookings and further information please visit:


Data: Mar 26 Mag 2015

Ingresso : Libero