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Gabriele Mirabassi e Francesco Turrisi



Gabriele Mirabassi e Francesco Turrisi

concerto parte di STRUT at the Peacock

It has been said that the clarinet has a ‘muse-like charm’.Throughout its heyday of the Swing Era it was the perfect foil for vocalists and pianists. Indeed the clarinet is one of the defining instruments of this period, peppered with illustrious exponents such as the ‘King of Swing’ Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw.While the clarinet is not the mainstay it once was in the improvisers palette, it still maintains its alluring charm, and Italian clarinetist Gabriele Mirabassi is one of its finest contemporary exponents.Perugia born Mirabassi is renowned for both his broad musical knowledge as well as his extraordinary technique; borne from a background of both classical and jazz studies. As well as collaborations with French, Brazilian and Lebanese musicians, he is uniquely placed at the interstices of contemporary, classical, jazz and world music.This versatility and innovation aligns to another Italian artist – Irish based Francesco Turrisi, a multi-instrumentalist described by the Irish Times as a “Musical Alchemist” – a description that highlights why this pairing for STRUT makes such a compelling prospect.With Turrisi on piano, and Mirabassi enticing with the clarinet, this artful duo explores the lyrical Italian jazz tradition with a strong nod to these myriad Brazilian, Latin, contemporary and early music influences.Both artists have a wealth of ethnic music collaborations and recordings under their belt and this melodious duo performance is tailor-made for the intimate setting of STRUT at the tickets for Gabriele Mirabassi and Francesco Turrisi here


Data: Ven 20 Nov 2015

Ingresso : Libero