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Ad Astra per Aspera - Paradiso



Ad Astra per Aspera - Paradiso

una lettura della Commedia di Dante

To mark the 750th anniversary of the birth of Dante Alighieri and to give us all a chance to revisit his masterpiece, The Divine Comedy, the Istituto Italiano di Cultura, the Friends of the National Gallery of Ireland, Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork, and University College Dublin have joined forces to organize a public reading of the entire poem, one of the greatest works of world literature.The reading of the 34 Cantos of Inferno will take place at the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin on Saturday 28th November starting at 11am; it is expected to last up to six hours.Purgatorio will be read in Cork on Friday December 4th from 11am onwards.The reading of Paradiso will conclude our journey from Hell to Heaven and will take place on Friday 11th December in the Chapel of Trinity College Dublin.The hundred Cantos will be read mainly in Italian but also in several other languages by a broad spectrum of individuals from Ireland, Italy and other countries. Dante’s original text, accompanied by a selection of versions in English, will be projected on large screens during the performances.Free Admission!


Data: Ven 11 Dic 2015

Ingresso : Libero