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Private language schools in Italy offer bursaries to the students of the Istituto Italiano di Cultura who would like to attend a language course in Italy.

Each bursary covers a percentage of the fee for a short-term group course. Students will cover the remaining costs for the language course, registration fees, flights, accommodation and upkeep.

When can I apply?

Applications for bursaries can be submitted during the following periods:

If you wish to avail of a bursary for the period January – May, you need to apply between October and December.

If you wish to avail of a bursary for the period June – December, you need to apply between March and May.

After enrolling in a term of language classes with the IIC, students can apply for a bursary within two consecutive application periods; however, each student can only be assigned one bursary every 12 months.

Please note that your formal request for a bursary needs to be approved and confirmed at least 30 days before your expected date of arrival in Italy.

How can I apply?

1. Contact our reception at  to receive the list of partner schools in Italy which offer bursaries to our students for the current year.

2. Once you have decided on an offer, please contact us to confirm the availability of the bursary.

3. You will be asked to fill out a form with your details and dates of arrival and departure. We will then send your formal request to the school, along with a nomination from the Institute.

4. If the School accepts your request, we will get back to you and provide their contact details.

5. From this moment on, please make sure to contact the school yourself and liaise directly with them to finalise all arrangements.


You should not contact the school until the bursary has been confirmed.

You should not book any flights or accommodation until your request has been accepted and all arrangements have been finalised.

You cannot apply for a bursary in the same school twice. Please make sure you will be able to avail of the bursary on the exact dates you applied for.

We do request that only students who genuinely intend to take up an offer should put their name forward. This scheme should not be viewed as an option which may be cancelled at short notice.

All agreements taken with the chosen school after the acceptance of the bursary are the student’s responsibility.

The Institute will not take responsibility for any issues caused by late cancellations.

Should you withdraw after the bursary has already been assigned to you, you will be excluded from participating to the IIC bursary program for the next 2 years.

Please contact us on (01) 6621507 / 0509 or for further information